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Experienced Royal Army Veterinary Corp
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Since 1993 Denizes Labradors have been breeding the finest Labrador puppies for you to love, look after and work with.

Denizes Labradors aim to bring back the traditional looking labrador, which boasts the wonderful characteristics and temperament to welcome into your home and working with in the fields.

Our breeding programme is properly housed in a purpose built clean and healthy environment. We are happy to discuss all aspects of Labradors, including our breeding programme, goals, information about Labradors in general, and information/advice for new owners.

We invite you to look around our website, see what we can provide for you, see what our customers are saying and contact us for more information.

Labradors are wonderful dogs with great temperaments, observe their characteristics.  We are sure you and your family will be happy with your choice of becoming a Labrador Lover !

cap_badge_smExperience: Graeme served as a Royal Army Veterinary Professional Dog Trainer from 1988 until 1993. While in the Royal Army Veterinary Corp, Graeme trained dogs to support the Royal Army in a number of different fields including tracking, demonstration, guard, drug search, arms and explosives search (AES).

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We look forward to advising you in choosing your new puppy:

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Telephone (Day Time) : 07843 343 091
Telephone (After 7pm) : 01772 600 262

Postal :Auldene, 338 Southport Road, Ulnes Walton, Nr. Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 8LQ

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