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All About Labradors

Labradors are intelligent, hardy dogs. Traditionally, they were bred for hunting and retrieving. They are wonderful companions; whether you are looking for a family dog, a show dog or a gun dog – a Labrador can be all three.

The Labrador is a strong looking, short-coupled dog with a dense, short, hard coat. Other notable characteristics include a broad skull, a powerful neck, deep chest, and a thick “otter” tail. The chest should be deep and wide with the ribs well-sprung. The forelegs should be straight from the shoulder, medium in length and with good bone. The hindquarters should be very muscular and well developed.

Labrador’s are generally even-tempered dogs and are rarely aggressive towards other dogs. They’re friendly, outgoing dogs and generally enjoy the company of children. Most Labradors are eager students and have a strong desire to please their owners.

The energetic and versatile Labradors are easily trained for hunting, obedience, agility, and as therapy dogs. Due to their large size, muscular build and playful nature, Labradors require plenty of exercise. These good-natured, loving and loyal dogs make wonderful companion dogs.

Proper exercise, training, and attention will give you a happy, healthy Labrador.

Not all Labradors have these characteristics. Over the years breeders have changed the way Labradors look and behave. Puppies for sale at Denizes Labradors have been bred under the experience of the owner Graeme.

Together they have produced many healthy puppies and many happy customers.

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