cap_badge_smThe Experience of Denizes Labradors

Graeme served as a Royal Army Veterinary Professional Dog Trainer from 1988 till 1993. During his time with the army, two years were spent in Northern Ireland.Experience

While in the Royal Army Veterinary Corp, Graeme trained dogs to support the Royal Army in a number of different fields including tracking, demonstration, guard, drug search, arms and explosives search (AES). The dog’s future was determined by the type of skills and temperament the dog had.

Once Graeme left the army he continued his interest in dogs – training and breeding Labradors as gun dogs or wonderfully people orientated pets. Many clients continue to recommend the services of Denizes Labradors to their friends and family.

Throughout these years Graeme has experienced many types of dogs and gained invaluable knowledge to give you the finest Labrador possible.