Vet Comments

from Andrew Gilmore
Gilmore’s Veterinary Surgery
52 High Street, Standish, Wigan,
WN6 OHF Tel 01257 426110

I have been the veterinary surgeon for Graeme at Denizes for several years now. My job is to look after the medical and surgical needs of his adult dogs and his puppies.   His adult dogs are always pleasant and friendly and in excellent physical condition. If there is ever a problem with any dog, it is dealt with promptly. At Gilmore Veterinary Surgery we x- ray all the breeding adults to determine their hip score. Only the best are bred from and these are dogs with very low scores, well below the breed average. Last year we hip scored a bitch for Graeme and had the first 0 – 0 or perfect hips. That was something that I have never seen in 24 years of being a veterinary surgeon.

We give each puppy a physical examination, its first vaccination and a microchip prior to sale and going off to the new home. Each puppy has also had a worm treatment.

The puppies and the adults are kept in excellent conditions in large, clean and comfortable kennels – second to none.

Anybody wanting to buy a Labrador will get a quality puppy that has had everything done to the highest standards.

Stephen Gilmore B.Sc., B.V.M.S., M.R.C.V.S.

vetThis is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore

vet checkingThis is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore, fully checking one of our pups.

vet testingThis is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore, testing a pup’s health and well being.

vet vaccinatingThis is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore, vaccinating one of our pups

vet micro chipping
This is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore, micro chipping a pup.

vet signing certificatesThis is our Vet, Stephen Gilmore, signing the documents for one of our pups.

vet certificate
These are the documents verifying the full Vet inspection, vaccinations and micro chipping of our puppies.